Tips to Keep Tile Floor Impeccable!!

When we enter a house, the first thing we observe in detail and carefully is the floor. Depending on the material with which it is made, we must learn certain techniques and practices that allow us to keep it in perfect condition and preserve its good appearance. Tile or ceramic floors are the most common and loved when deciding on a type of floor because they bring elegance and sophistication to the home, however, they are considered the most difficult to preserve as they require special care to remain gleaming.

It is not the same to maintain a floor of wood or marble than to do it with a tile floor, reason why it is important to know what we must do to increase its duration. The first point to consider is what will be used to clean it, if aggressive chemicals are used, they could wear down or change the original color of the tiles and even damage them completely, and so, we must choose the best products to clean tile floors.

The tiles usually accumulate dirt both in them and in the spaces that are between the unions of one with another, therefore, it is pertinent to make deep cleaning sessions regularly to conserve its cleanliness and prevent its deterioration. To carry out this process, it is necessary to know the suitable products that can be used, it is prudent to use neutral detergents, that is to say, soft chemicals that do not spoil the design or shape of the ceramic, and these must be rinsed with plenty of clean water to avoid leaving traces. It is also not advisable to use cleansers based on oils, animal fat or soapy base, since this kind of products tends to leave the tiles opaque and with little shine.

Other factors to consider are the characteristics of the ceramic pieces, their care can vary according to their texture or whether they are polished or not. It is always significant to perform a quick sweep before applying any liquid to get rid of the dust, however, when the tile is textured, the dirt can remain between its cracks, so it must be swept with great care to remove all debris.

If the porcelain is polished, the dust should be removed with a dry cloth since the brushes can damage the enamel, on the other hand, if it is unpolished porcelain, a broom or vacuum cleaner can be used. Then, the detergent has to be mixed with the corresponding amount of water, it also has to be applied, removed and dried with a clean cloth or mop. This last step is essential, we must make a good tour in the supermarket to get the best mop to clean tiles as this directly influences the final result.

Also, it is very useful to know what natural products can be favorable to maintain our floors. Baking soda, vinegar and lemon are basic ingredients always present in our kitchen that, in addition, can help us to make the cleaning activity simpler and cheaper.

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