Bonza Seeds Review 2022 – The Glorious Past & the Ultimate Salvation of Mixed Cannabis Seed Packs

  • 04, 08, 2022
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Bonza Seeds, a name not many people know now, but this seed bank was once a leading place to buy cannabis seeds in the past. Currently, Bonza Seeds has been acquired by a reputable online seed bank, ILGM.

The Bonza Seeds seed bank is now inactive and all it once was is now with ILGM. If you want to order from this seed bank then we recommend you to order cannabis seeds directly from ILGM.

But we will still give you information about this seed bank in the Bonza Seeds review below for the curious.

About Bonza Seeds

For many new growers, Bonza Seeds really isn’t a household name. This seed bank was established in 2009 and is based in the UK. Bonza Seeds has also enjoyed a period of its own, with a large number of customers ordering from all over the world cannabis markets. And they ran pretty smoothly for a decade.

However, it seems that Bonza Seeds has a certain change that makes the reputation and service quality of this company increasingly decline. Then, ILGM acquired Bonza Seeds in 2020 and improved on what Bonza Seeds had left.

Bonza Seeds Quality and Selection

During their time in business, Bonza Seeds was quite popular and they also had a loyal customer base like many of the major seed banks at the time. This seed bank redistributes cannabis seeds from over 100 breeders. Their cannabis seed collection is quite extensive and growers can own cannabis seeds that are suitable for many different levels.

Bonza Seeds often offered customers cannabis seeds in mixed packs and at the time, the selection was outstanding. However, it is also because of the mixture of seeds from many different breeders in one package that their quality is not uniform.

Many growers report that they received very few good quality seeds, while the rest of the seeds in the mixed package failed to germinate at all. Bonza Seeds are very slow to solve these problems so it is stuck until it can’t be solved.

After ILGM took over, they kept these mixes but changed them to better quality seeds. Growers can refer to this mix package of theirs.

Bonza Seeds Mix

Bonza Seeds Shipment & Stealth Methods

Bonza Seeds’ seed transportation service is one of the factors that make this seed bank lose its reputation. Bonza Seeds has a policy as well as bad customer care that causes too many customers to complain and say goodbye to the company.

As advertised, growers can expect to receive their cannabis seeds within 14 business days, depending on geographic distance. However, there are many customers who do not receive their orders even after 30 days.

And this delay leads to poor seed quality and many growers receiving damaged seeds due to long shipping times. Worse, many cases pay extra to shorten the delivery time but what they get is just frustration.

Bonza Seeds stealthily packs its seeds in saucer-shaped containers. These disc-shaped containers are engineered and redesigned to be able to safely hold cannabis seeds. However, this stealth packing is not appreciated by many customers, and it is easy to be detained by customs.

Bonza Seeds Price and Payment Methods

The price of cannabis seeds that Bonza Seeds offers is not too high, but overall it is still slightly above some other seed banks in the area. They offer some cannabis seeds at a very cheap price, but there are also some seeds that cost a lot more.

However, Bonza Seeds also offers a lot of promotions and discounts regularly so customers can still buy cannabis seeds at a good price. When applying these incentives, the price does not seem to be too high.

In terms of payment methods, Bonza Seeds is one of the few seed banks that accept Bitcoin payments. At that time, Bitcoin was not really widely used due to its reliability. But Bonza Seeds chose Bitcoin as the company’s preferred form of payment. So this payment option has become a plus point for customers who have Bitcoins available.

Besides Bitcoin, Bonza Seeds also accepts credit card payments. Although credit card payments do not receive rewards, this payment method is very popular with foreign customers.

But there is still some controversy surrounding the payment of this seed bank. Many customers are being told that Bonza Seeds has not received their payment while their account has been debited, especially for Bitcoin payments.

Bonza Seeds Customer Service

As we mentioned above, Bonza Seeds had too many problems and one of the problems that caused this seed bank to sell to another company was customer service. As simple as the information we said above, while the shipping time exceeded the estimated time by too many days, their customer care team was unable to resolve the issue.

Their contacts are almost always busy, or no one answers the phone. Emails go unanswered and customer inquiries and problems are always backlogged and not answered satisfactorily.

But it is worth mentioning here that the staff are not friendly and do not intend to treat their customers well. Rude attitude is common among the staff and it is very rare that they become friendly with any one customer.

And when it comes to germination and genetic issues, Bonza Seeds offers no guarantees of any kind. And when they send the wrong cannabis seeds to a customer, they ask the customer to place a new order with other free seeds.


Fortunately, Bonza Seeds is currently owned by IloveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM). ILGM has solved the problems that Bonza Seeds lacked and incorporated what belongs to Bonza Seeds’ strengths into its model. We strongly recommend buying cannabis seeds at ILGM as there is no doubt that this seed bank is among the best online seed banks available today.

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