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Which are the top seed banks that ship to the USA?


In the USA, there are very harsh regulations when it comes to the cannabis industry and its development. While there are many countries in the world that have legally allowed the creation of local seed banks, the United States is still relatively new to this concept and will not permit the presence of one such institution on its territory.

This is why, for a lot of us who want to start such a professional endeavor in this sphere of business, it is extremely hard to access cannabis seeds that are shipped from other countries and have the quality required for our needs.

This is why, in this article, we will assess some of the top seed banks which ship abroad and could be trusted with the process of providing us with the proper materials for our work.

Further below, we will build a list of the best Seed Banks which ship to the USA.

First off, let’s start with one of the most popular foreign suppliers of cannabis seeds – the “I love growing marijuana” or ILGM which is by many considered the best and most influential seed bank in the world. ILGM is a seed bank that provides quality of the product, first-class services, and what is most important – proper communication and customer support. It is not considered “the world’s first choice when it comes to cannabis seeds” for no reason and if you want security and quality, then it is definitely the company for you.

Another organization that ranks as one of the best seed banks that ship to USA is MSNL Seedbank. It is situated in the Netherlands and provides its services for countries all over the globe. They have been working in that industry for over 20 years and when it comes to marijuana development, they are by far one of the best professional companies in this industry.

Some other corporations that could be trusted and deserve some research are Crop Seeds King, Seedsman, QBS and many others.

Do not waste more time wondering which company to pick for the shipment of your cannabis seeds and choose one of the world’s top options when it comes to the best seed banks that ship to USA!.

Best Seed Banks: Everything You Need To KnowAbout


If you are a patient advisor to use cannabis herb for your treatment, you will certainly need to look for a sperm bank that will give you the best quality and very reliable. The place to go is the High Times seed bank, one of the largest seed banks in the world that sells cannabis. This sperm bank is very popular for the services offered and the varieties it creates for the users. Also, wedding seeds are so good that everyone would love to have them as medicine.
This sperm bank is one of the most competitive banks in the United States and Africa, as it has a fast-growing cannabis seed business and growing variety development. This bank is very popular for producing stable and very high quality seeds that are easily available online. If a person wants to buy a seed strain from this bank, the advantage here is that the seeds can be grown indoors or even outdoors. This bank produces seeds taking into account the comfort of the buyer and also the conditions for the growth of the seeds. Wedding seeds are very popular by many cannabis growers around the world because they are easy to grow and very beneficial to health.

Even most doctors recommend wedding seeds for medical purposes, as these best seed banks are really reliable. Different varieties are available in this seed bank. The most popular are:

#1 The Jamaican Blue Mountain

This variety comes from the Indicas breed and is a very popular breed in the Jamaican mountains. The seeds of this strain lead to the production of a plant with extremely large shoots and few sucking leaves. The maturation of the cuttings of this strain takes approximately 65 to 75 days, shortly after the process of flowering and rooting. They are earthy and extremely sweet-tasting seeds, very rare to find and ideal for various treatments against the disease.

#2 Colombian Gold

This is a popular strain that is available in high times. This variety is popularly derived from the legendary Colombian gold and takes around 65 to 75 days to fully develop. It can reach a height of about 25 inches and is very tasty and heavy in flavor.

#3 Indicia skin

This strain is one of the most anticipated breeds because it took a long time to get a result from this strain. This breed contains a very sharp aroma and takes about 70 to 80 days to mature.

Tips to Keep Tile Floor Impeccable!!


When we enter a house, the first thing we observe in detail and carefully is the floor. Depending on the material with which it is made, we must learn certain techniques and practices that allow us to keep it in perfect condition and preserve its good appearance. Tile or ceramic floors are the most common and loved when deciding on a type of floor because they bring elegance and sophistication to the home, however, they are considered the most difficult to preserve as they require special care to remain gleaming.

It is not the same to maintain a floor of wood or marble than to do it with a tile floor, reason why it is important to know what we must do to increase its duration. The first point to consider is what will be used to clean it, if aggressive chemicals are used, they could wear down or change the original color of the tiles and even damage them completely, and so, we must choose the best products to clean tile floors.

The tiles usually accumulate dirt both in them and in the spaces that are between the unions of one with another, therefore, it is pertinent to make deep cleaning sessions regularly to conserve its cleanliness and prevent its deterioration. To carry out this process, it is necessary to know the suitable products that can be used, it is prudent to use neutral detergents, that is to say, soft chemicals that do not spoil the design or shape of the ceramic, and these must be rinsed with plenty of clean water to avoid leaving traces. It is also not advisable to use cleansers based on oils, animal fat or soapy base, since this kind of products tends to leave the tiles opaque and with little shine.

Other factors to consider are the characteristics of the ceramic pieces, their care can vary according to their texture or whether they are polished or not. It is always significant to perform a quick sweep before applying any liquid to get rid of the dust, however, when the tile is textured, the dirt can remain between its cracks, so it must be swept with great care to remove all debris.

If the porcelain is polished, the dust should be removed with a dry cloth since the brushes can damage the enamel, on the other hand, if it is unpolished porcelain, a broom or vacuum cleaner can be used. Then, the detergent has to be mixed with the corresponding amount of water, it also has to be applied, removed and dried with a clean cloth or mop. This last step is essential, we must make a good tour in the supermarket to get the best mop to clean tiles as this directly influences the final result.

Also, it is very useful to know what natural products can be favorable to maintain our floors. Baking soda, vinegar and lemon are basic ingredients always present in our kitchen that, in addition, can help us to make the cleaning activity simpler and cheaper.

What Can You Do to Create a Hydroponics System at Home?

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Building your own hydroponic system is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is follow the right instructions, and you can create a system to supply your plants with water. If you do not have enough space for the garden of your dreams, you need to learn about how to make a hydroponic system. All the necessary nutrients are mixed in the water supply to give each plant everything necessary for survival and growth.
With the hydroponic system, your plants will grow faster. This is especially good if you grow and sell them. You can expect higher returns if it grows rapidly. You can also save a lot of money by using them for culinary purposes all year round. With your own hydroponic system, you can regularly expect new deliveries of high-quality vegetables and leaves.

First you need a container, such as a bucket or an aquarium. It should have the same dimensions (lxw) from top to bottom. It will be a tank, and you will have to paint it black. You must keep track of the amount of water that you have poured. So make sure you have a tape measure ready.
You also need polystyrene. It should be 1/4″ smaller than the size of the tank. For example, if the size of the tank is 34″ long and 18″ wide, the fabric should be cut to 33″ x 17″. However, if the upper side is larger than the expanded polystyrene, at least 5 cm less than the floor so that it fits properly and that there is enough space for refueling.
Before putting the foam into the storage container, several holes must be cut through. Place clean pots in the places where you want to place the plants. Use a sharp object to cut a layer of foam around the bottom of the dishes. You will also need to cut a hole at one end for the airline. Place the plants around the foam correctly so that everyone can get enough light.
The last major step in creating your own hydroponics setup diy  is choosing a pump and connecting the overhead line to the bottom of the tank. A good hydroponic dealer should recommend the correct pump size. They come in at least two gallons, so you need to get one big enough for your tank. Otherwise, order one that extends from the pump to the bottom of the tank.

Always keep a reservoir with a good nutrient solution so that your plants get everything they need to grow. These instructions provide only the basics for building your own hydroponic system. So if you have problems, you can check out a more detailed guide and watch the instructional videos. You will also find many useful resources that will be useful to anyone who wants to learn how to create a hydroponic system, especially on the Internet. This is because a person can search literally hundreds of different sites on the network in minutes, which, obviously, could not be otherwise. The best thing you can do here is go to the search engine on the World Wide Web and type in “hydroponic tent”. The various available options are then displayed. Most importantly, the simplest and most effective system is HydroHut.

Taking care of your Drip Irrigation System


Watching over your grow tent kit is likely on every grower’s to-do list, however, it is not something every grower places at the top of their list until something turns out badly. Following best seed banks 2019 guidelines, you’ll keep your grow room setup clean of microscopic organisms and debris while keeping the parts and pieces in ideal condition.

The steps below will tell you Drip Irrigation System.

Visual Inspection of a Drip System

One of the initial things you ought to do is to visually assess every one of the segments of your drip irrigation system. Do you see anything that appears as though it’s getting old or is not looking like it should? Viparspectra are the parts that you will need to replace in the near future. All things considered, viparspectra review well-used tubing may begin spilling best hydroponic nutrients 2019 out into zones that aren’t benefited by it, causing nutrient to waste and costing you money.

Leaks and Cracks

Any cracks or leaks you find ought to be settled immediately. With tubing, you replace or repair only a segment, or replace the entire thing, depending upon the seriousness of the damage. It is possible that if you repair a segment, it could require repairs again in a brief timeframe. It might be simpler to repair during the season and replace toward the finish of the season, however, it all depends on you and your set-up.

Bacteria and Algae Buildups

Within your drip irrigation tubes can resemble a science venture turned sour. They can be green and foul from a development of bacteria and algae. Including commercial algae and bacteria control one approach to fight this continuous issue. You could likewise proceed with a day by day wash of chlorine in your lines. Two sections for every million toward the finish of the cycle for the day is sufficient to chip away at the algae and bacteria without damaging your set-up.

#1 Emitters

Your emitters could end up clogged up, depending on what is running through your lines. Indeed, even an incomplete clog can cause your crops not to receive the adequate supply of supplements and water they require. Drenching them overnight or for a couple of hours in a water and vinegar solution regularly is an ideal method to get them clear. This might be an extra errand for your finish of-year flushing assignments.

#2 Filter

The following part that you ought to review properly is your best grow tent kits. Disc filters and screen filters should both be checked and cleaned intermittently. Screen filters frequently get clogged up and can a heavy task to clean up. Disc filters, on the other hand, is difficult to clog and it offers better filtering.

#3 Deep Clean

Toward the finish of the growing season, you ought to consider completing a deep clean on your best dwc system. You’ll need to flush the lines with a nitric, sulphuric and phosphoric acid solution. The lines ought to be flushed for about 60 minutes with the help of your preferred acid. It might take longer if you have a serious buildup in the system. Your drip irrigation system takes care of your crops and you, so it just bodes well to give it some quality time all through the growing season. Try not to abandon it and ensure it continues running smoothly. It’s smarter to locate a little issue during your yearly routine visual inspection than to overlook it until when it became a major issue and will cost a fortune to fix.

Everything You Need to Know About High Time Seeds



If you need knowledge of cannabis seed, then you are in the right place. Here is information on high time seeds from the planting process to harvest whether you are a newbie or expert; this information will be essential to you. Keep reading.


A seed usually is a plant though in the embryonic stage. And like in every plant, how you treat the plant during the early stages determines the seed outcome.


Before planting the weed first, one needs to germinate the seeds through hydration. Hydration activates necessary enzymes responsible for growth. Before germination, then determine if the seed is viable. Viability gets measured by inspecting the cannabis seed, which should be dark and with black stripes. Thus if your seed looks as mentioned, germination will be successful, you can germinate the seed in between two damp paper towels and place them on a flat surface then avail warmth on the top part. In a few days, the root should begin breaking through the seed.


These seeds are as a result of using hermaphroditic plant pollen to fertilize a female flow, thus giving birth to hermaphrodites or female plants only.

#1 Is weed seeds legal?

Now before you even start planting and growing weed research on your state cannabis laws. In some states, weed is legal through the medical program, while others it is legal as a recreational high-time substance. Therefore in the medical marijuana program, cannabis seed growth and possession at home are not allowed.

#2 Marijuana seed supply

After you research on the legality about the high time seed, purchase the seeds in the dispensary or a trusted colleague where you can get a guide on appropriate strains around your climate. However, be careful about online ads as much as they offer affordable prices, mainly because of the federal prohibition.
After purchasing the seed, store the seed for some time in a dark or opaque container and put it in a dry, cool, and dark place.
Finally, after storing germinate your high time seeds and plant them in the right environment and necessary lights for healthy weed plants.



A lot of us believe that THC-rich cannabis can cause a spike in craving known as the “munchies”. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about CBD? Does cannabidiol incite desires or invigorate hunger?

One of the generalizations about cannabis is that it can cause a solid increment in appetite. This isn’t in every case true since experienced clients ordinarily don’t feel similar cravings they once did, or possibly they simply figured out how to monitor them. In addition, breathing in any sort of smoke really brings down the hunger sensation, at any rate for a brief timeframe. At last, yearning for sweet and greasy meals in the wake of smoking may likewise rely upon individual dietary patterns. Aside from this—the munchies appear to be a real phenomenon.

While aromatic terpenes contained in cannabis blooms can expand the senses of taste and smell, making them appetite-stimulators, science is really revealing to us that THC is the fundamental guilty party—for the psychoactive impacts, but also the increase in hunger. Taking sufficiently high dosages of THC impacts our endocannabinoid framework to bring about hunger.  Great to know, but shouldn’t something be said about CBD?

An ever-increasing number of individuals are taking CBD products for different wellbeing reasons. Knowing how this advantageous cannabinoid can impact hunger is critical for optimizing a healthy CBD routine. Numerous individuals need to know whether CBD either reduce or increase one’s desire to eat.


THC produces cravings for food known as the “munchies” by turning on a few biochemical mechanisms. This cannabinoid builds a generation of the hormone ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry. The impact is studied by CB1 receptors situated in zones of the brain associated with craving control. THC additionally amplifies dopamine, a neurotransmitter that assumes a role in reward-motivated practices, for example, eating.

These effects don’t naturally convert into fat stoners. Studies demonstrate that heavy and regular cannabis users will, in general, be less fatty than nonusers. High-THC cannabis use is related to a lower weight index, and the most fascinating thing is that psychoactive cannabis may help increase weight in individuals who are low-weight, however not in ordinary or overweight people. That is cool, but do the non-psychoactive cannabis strains and their subsidiaries rich in CBD apply comparable impacts?


By and large, CBD can build hunger normally, which implies without cravings. Loss of craving is regularly an outcome of medical issues, uneasy perspectives, or meds. Unending conditions that lead to appetite loss include multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer pain, and uneasy chronic pain. Emotional well-being issues, for example, ceaseless stress and nervousness likewise leads to appetite loss by influencing both mind receptors and the digestive system.  CBD reduces inflammation and pain. Plus, there are several other Best CBD Oil in USA

In view of the data accessible, we can accept that CBD doesn’t influence hunger in a disadvantageous or undesirable structure. This cannabinoid can be securely utilized with expectations of improving digestion, burning calories, and increasing appetite when this boost is reduced by specific conditions.

I49 Vs Pacific Seed Bank : 3 Reasons Reputable Seed Banks in the Us

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Where should you get your seeds?

If you have a cannabis business in the U.S. and want to find the best cannabis seed banks to use, then you must surely choose one of the most reputable seed banks in the US. We will further review 2 of these – the i49 and the Pacific Seed Bank.

I49 versus Pacific Seed Bank – Which is better?

i49 is a relatively new company that specializes in distributing different quality cannabis seeds throughout the United States. Its main office is situated in California and its prices are some of the best in the whole country. varying from 40 dollars for 3 seeds to 2400 dollars for 500 seeds. What is so specific about this organization is that it provides the client with a lot of options for purchase depending on the requirements of the business. The seeds and plants range from high THC species and commercially grown weed for best high cbd strain and Medical Marijuana.
Pacific Seed Bank also provides a bunch of different cannabis species with 100-percent feminized seeds. Unlike i49, though, their prices are a tad higher but on the contrary – they ensure that the provided products are of the highest quality. The Pacific Seed Bank offers its services for more than 20 years now, placing itself on the top of the reputable seed banks ladder.

Final evaluation

Both i49 and Pacific Seed Bank are some of the most reputable seed banks in the US. You can order from either one depending on the needs of the business. If, for example, you are just starting in the industry and want to be more efficient with your money, you should definitely think about purchasing from i49. On the contrary, if you are already an established institution and want to bet on quality and certainty – Pacific Seed Bank should be your choice. Think about where your business is right now and make a careful decision about its future!

Best pH Tester for Weed 2021: ph tester for water, soil reviews

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Whether you are an expert or beginner weed grower, best pH tester for weed is extremely important and essential tools as it will help you understand your cannabis plants, their specific needs like type of fertilizer or any additional nutrient. Your weeds require a suitable pH level for optimal growth.

However, choosing the best pH tester for weed that provides you accurate and consistent results seems like not easy as there are a lot of different brands and types to choose from. This is why you should consider this pH tester reviews for weeds. These devices here are considerably more dependable, precise than others and they received positive reviews by many cannabis growers.

Top 10 pH Tester for Weed 2021

Amazon best-selling product B08V8Q8FX6 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#1 iPower 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Meter

Let get start with a simple but effective device. Just like any 3-in-1 tester, this one form iPower measure parameters of moisture, pH and sunlight level. iPower’s device comes close to the top of best pH testers. This tester does not rely on solar power or batteries to operate.

It is also very easy to use as you just need to puy it in the soil and wait 10 minutes for the findings to appear. It will let you know if the soil is dry, moist, or wet, and how much you should water your weed’s soil. There is nothing much to describe about this simple tester but it is good enough with the affordable price for any cannabis home growers.

Amazon best-selling product B0032WFD5K CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#2 Luster Leaf 1845, Digital Soil Ph Meter, Brown

This device is a digital pH tester. That means it will gives out digital result, more accurate and also read faster. Unlike other analog soil tester, this digital one just takes a few second to show you the testing result, and the statistics are easy to read. One more thing I love about Luster Leaf 1845 soil pH meter is that it comes with a printed plant list that provides you preferences pH level of over 150 plants. Furthermore, the digital meter features a long stainless-steel probe that can capture root-level measurements. It is used for soil only.

Amazon best-selling product B01EMZMXU8 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#3 iKKEGOL 3 in 1 Soil Tester Kit

As a three-in-one device, it provides everything you might want in a soil pH tester. It help to measure pH level, moisture, and sunlight. There are no batteries required for using iKKEGOL soil analyser. This device has a small and compact design, it is lightweight, so you can easy keep it in your pocket or wear it on your belt. IKKEGOL even offers 2 versions of this meter are round head and square head, which makes it simpler to read depending on your preference.

Amazon best-selling product B003DWAM9Q CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#4 Kelway – HB-2 Soil pH and Moisture Meter

The Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter is one of the most durable and professional soil pH testers. It’s a more expensive alternative, but it’s definitely worth the price. This device is accurate enough to be used on commercial farm, and even backyard gardens of home growers. With a pH accuracy range of +/- 0.2, this device delivers a very fast and reliable measurement.

This device can also determine your soil’s moisture level in a accuracy range of +/- 10%. It operates without the need of batteries or a power source. It’s sturdy and dependable, so you can use it for any type of soil. It includes a sturdy carrying bag with a belt clip to make it simpler to carry when walking around your garden.

Amazon best-selling product B01M5IASHD CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#5 VIVOSUN PH Meter Digital PH Tester Pen for Water

If you’re growing your weed hydroponically, then this small, compact, lightweight pH tester pen is ideal for you. This tester pen weigh only 50g. It is advertised as a less expensive option in the market. You will get a high technology pH tester with a lower price. It provides a pH measurement very quickly and accurate thanks to advanced technologies. Calibration is simple It features automatic Temperature Compensation. However, the drawback is that some customers complaint about its longevity issues, it may not the great option for long time use.

Amazon best-selling product B07Y1MPZHK CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#6 SOZEAL Digital PH Tester

It’s tester pen is small, easy to use, re-calibrate, and the most impressive features is that it gives you accurate pH mensurement with a 0.01 pH resolution. This pH tester from SOZEAL is very durable as it can last 2-3 times longer than other pen tester devices. According to the manufacturer, it will last at least ten years.

The SOZEAL PH Tester is similar with VIVOSUN Tester Pen option, it is designed to be a convenient and affordable solution. It’s not as complex as other high-end versions, but it still provides precise and accurate reading result.

Amazon best-selling product B094FF2J7V CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#7 YITUOOW Soil Moisture Meter – 3 in 1 Soil Test Kits

This 3-in-1 pH meter device will help you understand your soil condition by providing you your soil’s pH, moisture, and sunlight levels. It operates with no batteries required. Although this device seems as simple as other 3-in-1 device but it can give you very accurate reading within just a few minutes thanks to double-needle Detection Technology. YITUOOW soil tester also very easy to use as it does not require any preparation to works. You just need to insert the probe into the soil and choose the parameter you want to measures.

Amazon best-selling product B01ENFOIKA CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#8 APERA INSTRUMENTS AI316 PC60 5-in-1 tester kit

Last but not least, this tester pen is one of the most reliable, high-quality product tester device in the market for those who want consistent performance. It takes high-resolution measurements of five parameters: pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Salinity, and Temperature. It features an LCD screen, which shows many parameters and it will change color depending on the mode. It is a kit that includes almost everything you’ll need for growing weed.

Kiwi 2 Pounder VS Big Bud VS The Church Seeds: What Is The Best Yield Cannabis Seed Strain?

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Growing cannabis strain is always a top concern of growers. Growers always want cannabis seeds of their choice to give the best yield. Surely no one wants his investment not paying off most.
To grow cannabis seeds with high yield, it is important to pay attention to such factors as light, water, nutrients, etc. However, the first factor that makes the highest yield is the seed.
Choosing seeds is the first step for you to get the desired yield. Therefore, this is a very important stage. Kiwi 2 Pounder, Big Bud and The Church seeds are the best yield cannabis seed strain on the market today. They all give growers abundant harvests that rare strain can bring.
But among these three strains, which one is the cannabis seeds strain that has the highest yield?

#1 Kiwi 2 Pounder

Kiwi 2 Pounder is a famous legend as it is possible to harvest 1kg of buds per plant. Kiwi 2 Pounder dominates by Sativa strain so it has many outstanding features from this strain.
Kiwi 2 Pounder can thrive both indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. However, because of the predominance of Sativa, it is ideal for outdoor plants.
Kiwi 2 Pounder grows fast. It develops very strong buds and clones. You will likely experience a dollop of buds, which means that the buds grow on top of each other. Or you can get many clones that grow quickly and spread widely.
This strain is extremely resistant to mold and does not require the grower to spend too much special care. Kiwi Pounder is also suitable for new growers.
Although the flowering time is a bit long, Kiwi 2 Pounder has an impressive yield and great Sativa taste so it is worth the wait.

#2 Big Bud

Big Bud is a hybrid of Northern Lights and Skunk. It is a strain that maintains its position at the top of the best strain for both growers and stoners.
Big Bud is known for its average height. However, it possesses huge buds and huge leaves, so many growers have to solve the problem of how Big Bud can withstand its weight.
Ideally, they should be divided into small branches and the support equipment arranged. Big Bud can grow well in all spaces, from indoors, outdoors to greenhouses.
Big Bud can give optimal output if taken good care. Its average yield is about 500+ g / m2.
Big Bud has a sweet taste and a gentle, persistent fragrance. It is also appreciated for its medicinal benefits as it can reduce pain, treat insomnia and stress.

#3 The Church

The Church is a 60% Indica dominant hybrid and it is the result of a complex hybridization process between Swiss Sativa, Skunk, Super Skunk and Northern Lights. Therefore, it brings in many outstanding characteristics of these four strains and becomes one of the most qualified and high yield strains.
The Church is extremely resistant to mold, so it is ideal for growers in humid climates. If cared for properly, The Church can yield up to 900 g / m2.
The Church contains a very high content of THC 20.28%, it brings a high Sativa strain feeling at first but then gradually switches to the sedative, therapeutic strain of Indica strain.

Final Verdict

According to this comparison, Kiwi 2 Pounder is the highest yielding strain and it is also suitable for even the inexperienced growers.