10 Best Seed Banks that Ship to US – Cannabis Seed Bank 2021

  • 04, 08, 2022
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Owning marijuana seeds in the US is something quite difficult and sensitive. Marijuana laws are still very strict in many states, and laws vary from state to state. So cannabis enthusiasts in states with harsh cannabis laws are increasingly looking to online seed banks to get high-quality seeds at reasonable prices.

But not all of the seed banks out there ship to the USA and not all of them are reputable seed banks. It is important that you understand which are the best seed banks that ship to the US to get what you deserve for your money.

Top 10 Seed Banks that Ship to US

#1 Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a leading online seed bank for both beginner and seasoned growers. This seed bank has a long history of providing the best cannabis seeds with high germination rates and stable genetics. They have been in the business of this particular item since the early 2000s, so they know what they need to offer their customers.

Crop King Seeds offers a simple layout on their website that makes it easy to search and browse their cannabis seeds. They have a five crown rating system based on user reviews, excellent customer service, and are highly personal.

This seed bank delivers exceptionally fast deliveries from California to every state in the US. They are considered by many growers to be one of the best online seed banks, especially if you are new to buying cannabis seeds.

#2 High Supplies

One of the seed banks that can ship anywhere in the world, including to all locations throughout the USA, is High Supplies. High Supplies offers stealthy online delivery to all growers looking to purchase marijuana seeds, safely.

They select a wide variety of cannabis seeds from a variety of sources. While there are other cannabis seed banks with better seeds, High Supplies is still loved by the guaranteed shipping they offer. Some customers also like that High Supplies provides other supplies you may need besides cannabis seeds.

#3 Fast Buds Genetics (2fast4buds.com)

Fast Buds is one of the popular online seed banks, offering cannabis seeds to customers worldwide. This seed bank is happy to ship to all states in the US, securely.

Fast Buds is developing more new customer files in a special way. They do what few other seed banks do, which is offer an affiliate program. If you want to promote the selection of cannabis seeds at Fast Buds, you can promote them on different social media channels for payment.

That way, customers can get more commissions or can buy their marijuana seeds at a more favorable price. They offer a variety of payment methods, including cash or cryptocurrency.

#4 BC Bud Depot

If you are interested in propagation, BC Bud Depot is considered as one of the best seed banks for your needs. This seed bank has relationships with many of the world’s top breeders. Growers of all levels can find the right cannabis strain for them.

BC Bud Depot has proven to be a company that cares about the profession and works with prestige. They are also dedicated to the worldwide legalization of cannabis. They even include free seeds with every order.

With over 35 Cannabis Awards, over 515 different strains through their association with other seed banks, growers have a great selection.

#5 Sensible Seeds

Sensible Seeds is an online seed bank based in the UK, but they offer discreet shipping globally, including to the US. Sensible Seeds offers a diverse collection of powerful and popular strains. This collection also includes high CBD strains and feminized seeds.

Sensible Seeds are highly regarded by UK growers. They have a responsive, professional customer service team across different platforms. Sensible Seeds is quickly becoming a popular destination for quality cannabis seeds. They are also loved for their stealthy shipping and free seed purchases.

However, Sensible Seeds do not provide any guarantee of germination, although this practice has not yet become an industry-wide standard.

#6 Greenhouse Seeds Co.

Greenhouse Seeds Co. is an online cannabis seed bank based in the Netherlands, and they offer fast shipping to the US. Customers sometimes report that some packages have been seized by customs before they even arrived in the US. But don’t worry, Greenhouse Seeds Co. always willing to replace those packages with new seeds. They also offer refunds for other reasons, while many other seed banks do not.

Greenhouse Seeds Co. appreciated by many longtime growers. They offer cannabis seeds suitable for growers of all experience levels. The company also receives a lot of praise for its selection of auto flowering seeds. Growing cannabis seeds can be intimidating for newcomers, but Greenhouse Seeds Co. did a great job to reassure them.

#7 Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is a long-established Dutch seed bank and they ship their cannabis seeds to the United States in secret shipping. Starting in 1994, Serious Seeds itself is one of the top reputable seed banks that you can completely trust.

Serious Seeds has a large and very loyal following thanks to its high quality seeds, smooth service and free seeds with every purchase.

Customers praise the quality of their seeds, which have been selected. Reports of the high germination rates of these seeds make it unimportant to question the quality of cannabis seeds from Serious Seeds.

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