What are the best rated dual purpose batteries for boat?

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I understand that this is always better to get several batteries in boat, which serves different purpose, However, for the people who have small to medium boat like me, you won’t want to spend a lot of room place these bulky batteries. In this case, the best dual purpose battery is absolutely good option.

These batteries function as a staring and deep cycle battery at the same time. It means that dual purport batteries are not only staring the outboat engine but also can provide enough power for electronics equipment’s throughout a day. I would like to recommend here my top 3 favorites of premium and high performance best marine dual purpose battery, visit this link to get more. But if you still can’t choice the best suitable battery for your boat, you can click here to read more.

#1 Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

It is not surprised that The Odyssey Thunder Marine Dual-Purpose Battery standing at the top of best heavy duty marine dual purpose. It is quite popular hit among angler. There are many benefits that make me love this battery like the amount of power discharged from the battery and the long lasting of charging time that it offers.

What make the Odyssey Thunder Marine Dual-Purpose Battery outstanding from others is that because It has a great and durable build created that made of high quality material. Although this battery is quite expensive, it can serve great performance for such a long time, what makes it worth your money. This battery also does the good job of recovers, so you do not need to worry about continuously dies battery.

It will make an essential and useful addition to anglers’ gear. This may be not the ideal option for who are on the budget, but it is a worthy and smart investment for long term use.

It is very difficult to find the other dual-purpose marine batteries that can beat the Thunder Marine battery when it comes to construction and performance. Besides, this battery is also low maintenance as it can suffer from extreme heat and cold environment and also being designed to vibration resistant. Apart from high price tag, the battery is also bulky with heavy weight, so it may not the ideal option for smaller boat.

#2 Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M BLUETOP Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery 

If money is not your problem and the long lasting charge is what you looking for, the Optima Bluetop battery is absolutely what you should look over. The battery has been received many positive feedbacks from users. It can be able to start a boat motor and provide power for electrical equipment on the boat as well. The spiral-wound cell technology making this battery is more durable and longevity than other normal batteries in the long run.

It may not the good option if you need a friendly budget battery, but it can be the great investment as under proper maintenance, it has a very long shelf-life. It also has the good construction with quality case for prevent leaking and spilling.

Optima Batteries BLUETOP has a compact size, which is convenient for small boat. However, it is quite heavy. There is not carrying handle or strap come with this battery

#3 NorthStar NSB-AGM31M AGM Group 31 Marine Battery 1370MCA/1150CCA

Last but not least, this is another premium dual purpose battery to choose from NorthStar Group 31. This AGM battery has 1150 cold cranking amps and can be able to reserve of 220-minute. With this high performance, your boat will have enough power to deal with even the worst situation. Not only that, this powerful battery also has more than 900 cycle of even 50% discharge and quickly starting ability.

This battery can offer you shorter time of starting than many other traditional batteries. The high quality of AGM construction ensures this is leak-proofs. The battery internal is designed to fact with vibrations and shocks with ease. It is heavy and bulky but it is because it need for the battery can be handle much amount of output power. It also provides 3 years warranty.

What are the different styles of Ferret harnesses?


You will want to protect your ferrets whenever you step out with them. A harness plays an important role in training ferret and to tank them out on a walk. Unfortunately, it is not easy to choose the best ferret harness. This is because these little friends are energetic, very fickle and fast.

you need to pick a harness that will meet their nature and suit their stage of life. There are three main types of harnesses available for ferrets.

#1 H style harness

If you ever asked a person, who has been a ferret owner or a vet, you will come to know that the best ferret harness for ferrets will be an “H” style harness. This style of harness is quite reliable and safe for ferrets.

The H-style harness form two large loops. Putting the first loop like a collar around your ferret’s neck, and the second loop should be place behind his forelegs and around his abdomen. Both loops connect with two straps. There is a strap that connects to the 2 loops and also runs along the ferret’s spine. Some H harness models have a strap that runs along their belly as well.

The H harnesses make it almost impossible for the ferrets to slip out and escape. With an H style harness, you can take your furry out on a walk confidently, protecting him from any harm.

#2 8-Shape Harness

While the H harness is considered one of the best choices, it may not always work for every individual ferret. 8 pattern harnesses are made of a single rope or strap that are designed in to an 8 shape. The biggest problem with this style of harness is that it is possible for ferret to slip through this design.

#3 Ferret Vest

Although H-harnesses are the safest style but they are also available for larger animals than ferrets. Due to this you might cannot find the best H-harness one, which is perfect fitting for your ferret. In this case, you can go with the vests.

In some cases, the vest can even work better than the H harness to keep small ferrets. It also makes the great job to prevent them from escape. This type of harness is suitable for small pets and mostly affordable. Besides, the ferret vests are usually designed for soft materials, which will ensure the comfort for ferrets.

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What is exact type of UVB bulbs that your reptile or amphibian need?

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We all know that reptile need UVB light is important for reptiles and amphibians to regulate the synthesis of Vitamin D3, wich allow them absorb and use calcium. However, there are many different species of reptile and several different options of UVB bulbs to choose from.

How do you know what is the best UVB bulb for your species of reptiles? Not all the UVB bulbs have the same strength and range of lengths. This post will help you figure out which option is the right one for your pet.

#1 Linear Fluorescent Lighting

Linear fluorescent UVB bulbs will fit into most fluorescent fixtures. They do the great job to emit low to moderate levels of UVB. They also provide decent even illumination across a large area in the tank.

Although Linear fluorescent are not the strongest UVB bulb available, they suitable and provide enough amount of UVB for animals that have have low to moderate UVB needs and can bask within 12-20″ of the bulbs.

Linear Fluorescent Bulbs come in 3 different strengths:

In general, 2.0 bulbs emit very little usable UVB and should be used for reptiles that have low or no UVB needs such as Poison Dart Frogs, Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos.

5.0 bulbs are designed to emulate moderate UVB levels, which is suit for animals that live on the forest floor such as green iguanas, anoles, panther chameleons and other jungle or forest animals.

10.0 bulbs mimic the intense UVB emitted in the deserts area. They are ideal for bearded dragons, ackie monitors, chuckwallas, veiled chameleons.

#2 Compact Fluorescent Lighting

There were some debates about compact fluorescent bulbs in the past. But that was corrected long ago, modern compact fluorescent UVB bulbs are perfectly safe to use with your pets. The advantages of these bulb are inexpensive, fits in most incandescent sockets, and low wattage.

However, compact fluorescent UVB bulbs are inefficient and producing UVB radiation. They also have narrow focus that should be placed at or near the basking spot.

Compact fluorescent UVB bulbs came in 3 different strengths: UVB 100 bulbs are equivalent to the former 5.0 bulbs. UVB 150 bulbs are approximately equivalent to former 10.0 bulb. UVB 200 bulbs emit intense Uvb that should not be used for any reptiles or you will have to place it up to about 18 inches away from your pets.

#3 Mercury Vapor Lighting

Mercury Vapor bulbs have longest lifespan in compare with other types on this list, with many bulbs only needing to be replaced after 12-18 months. They produce heat as well as UVB. However, they produce intense UVB output, which make them only suit for full sun animals such as monitors or bearded dragon.

This is the drawback that you should take not that mercury vapor bulbs cannot be used in smaller habitats, or with species that require cooler temperatures. Also, not all the fixture can use with mercury vapor bulb as their high operating temperature.

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What are the best brands of filter for red eared slider tank?

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If you are looking for the best filter for red eared slider tank, I always want to emphasize that go with a model from a reputable brand. This is because the brands would not lie, as the reputation of a brand will always be reflected in the quality of products that they get to sell.

It is even true with the new brands, they will quickly get the good reputation if they provide the best products. You will want to get the reliable filter to keep your red eared slider to stay healthy and alive. I have listed here some of the top brands in the industry, so whatever your choice is, you will surely be happy with it.

#1 Fluval series of filters

I have been use Fluval filter for my red eared slider tank for many years and this is my personal favourite. Whatever tank size you are using, you will find the Fluval filter model that suit your tank. They are available in a ton of size from 25 gallons to over 100 gallons. They come with filter media already and larger filter tray that allow you to add extra options of filter media.

Best of all, they come with 3-year warranties, what you always should look for when choosing filter. They’re very powerful filters that you can totally rest your mind that they will do the great job that can handle for from 145 GPH to 383 GPH. They have a selection of higher-powered filters for much larger tanks. If you are looking for something high quality and best for overall, then do not look over Fluvel filters.

However, as their effectiveness the biggest downside of Fluval filter is that they are pretty expensive. They are a bit pricier compared to the other brands.

#2 Penn-Plax Cascade

You are in the budget and want to get the filter cheaper than Fluval but still reliable, I would suggest any of the Penn-Plax Cascade series. This is excellent alternatives to the Fluval. Penn-Plax Cascade are known as their large capacity stackable trays, that allow for multi-stage filtration.

They are also offer user many option of additional media filtration. The filter rated range from 30 gallons to 200 gallons tank. They are designed with quick and easy push-button primers. Penn-Plax Cascade also offer 3-year warranties. The flow valves equipped allow to adjust the flow rate.


EHEIM make their names based on popularity gained by the quality of products. However, the biggest downside of EHIM is that they do not offer as much options of filter sizes as these two brands above. They only have 3 filter sizes that can filter from 42 to 92 gallons.

The EHEIM series of filters come with a 2-year warranty and starter filtration media. They are great filters for beginner as they reliable, easy to work with, and have a reasonable price. EHEIM filters Are cheaper than the Fluval filters but still effective.

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What are the best shapes of cookware for glass top stove?

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To get the best results from your glass stove and maintain it for long time use, apart from the material of cookware will work best with your stove, it is also important to know the shape of pots and pans that can work great and do not damage your glass top.

Why do you need to get best cookware for glass top stove? Well, it is because you won’t want to scratch, break, or simply shatter the glass stovetop. Your selection will not be corrected unless you know the best shape of cookware for glass top stoves.

#1 Flat bottom Shape

This is the first and most important aspects when shopping around for the cookware use for glass top stove cookware. The glass top stove is flat and smooth so the flat cookware is the most appropriate for it. The bottom of the cookware also effect on how fast cooking process would be.

Pots and pans with flat, heavy bottoms will ensure that heat will be properly transferred and evenly distributed. They help increasing efficiency and decreasing cooking time. On the other hands, warped, dented or curved cookware can damage and scratch the glass on your stove.

#2 Diameter

Next is the size of the bottom. The size if also important when it comes to the cookware for glass top stove.  Bigger is not better for glass cooktops. For better results, your cookware needs to be the same size as the circles of burner markings on your cook top.

If your cookware fit with the circles on your cooktop, heat will transfer more efficiently. There is the basic rule that cookware size is not to exceed the burner markings by more than one inch. If your pan size is larger than the burner by more than one inch, your food on the pan may not be cooked evenly. Measure those up and go get the right sized cookware.

#3 Cookware’s weight

Both too heavy and too lightweight cookware are not good for glass top stove. Typically, cookware with the heavier bottom is better for glass top stove. The heavier the cookware the more contact it will have with the glass top, and conducting heat much better.

However, too heavy is not easy to handle and increase the risk that the cookware may be dropped and you risk accidentally cracking your cooktop. The too lightweight cookware does not stay on the top of the glass stove.

How to quiet a bowfishing generator?


During bow fishing, you will need the best bowfishing generator to keep your electric devices powered if you intend to spend several hours on the water. Especially if you plant to go bowfishing on the bowfishing boat at night as it is the best time for it, then the generator is absolustely essential.

However, there is one major drawback associated with most of generators is their noise.

The noise produced by the generator can scare away fish, upset people who are living nearby and affect your hearing as you have to listen to it all night long. This post are some tips to help you minimize generator noise.

#1 Add a muffler

You can add a muffler of a car, a motorcycle or any kind of muffler for that matter, to your generator’s exhaust. Adding a muffler to your generator can help reduce its noise output and allow you to point the residual noise in the direction that you can choice.

A motorcycle muffler can work well with most generators, however, in some case you may have to create a custom pipe system if you want to attach it to your generator.

#2 Build a quiet enclosure wall around the generator

You should try to build an enclosure like a box to house your generator is one of the quickest ways to drastically reduce its noise output. Generally, some soft, porous materials like cloth or foam box will absorb sound better than hard and dense materials, like metals. Base on this, you can look things around your house to make a quiet enclosure for your generator.

The enclosure box will both dampen the vibrations and cause any loud noise to escape through the missing wall of the box.

#3 Reduce vibration

Vibration also create noise for generator. To reduce the vibration, you can add a rubber washer to the engine housing. Look at the engine of the generator, if there are a rubber washers already between the screw and the frame, you can also add a second layer of rubber washer to increase effectiveness.

#4 Choosing a quite generator

Many generators today are high technology and designed to create less noise than the past model. Manufacturers are working to make generators more and more and quiet. We want to recommend here some quite generator such as Honda EU2000i, Yamaha EF2000iS, etc.

FAQs about the best survival canteens


If you are preparing for your wilderness trip and the survival gear, then the best survival canteens is what should not be overlooked. You need to have ample supply of water to prevent dehydration. Whether you plant to go out for hiking or camping, the best survival canteen will ensure that you have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

But before getting the survival canteen, you should know some information about it, this post will give you the overlook of survival canteen.

#1 What is the different between survival canteen and traditional water bottles?

A survival canteen is not the same as your regular water bottle. Survival canteen is not use only for holding water, you can boil water and cook food by the metal canteen. This is because survival canteens are made from materials which can endure fire, which is why heat will pass through it.

Like survival clothing, these canteens are designed to be durable and endure the demands of even hardest environment. Not only that, this tools usually come with a cup that slots right into them. Survival canteen is often put in the carrying pouch that is secure enough to not lose your canteen while on the move in difficult terrain.

#2 What are the different materials choice of survival canteen?

Titanium is the most common type of survival canteen is sold out there. This option is also lightest, strongest and resistance to corrosion. All these features make up the highest quality survival canteens. However, the only drawback of titanium is it is expensive.

Stainless steel is more affordable than titanium. It is stronger, more durable and retains the heat longer than aluminium. On the whole, it is the medium choice. Its downside is its heavier weight.

Aluminium is lightweight and much cheaper than 2 options above. However, it is less durable and not as corrosion resistant as the other choices.

#3 How to boil water and cook food by survival canteen?

As long as your canteen is made from quality metal, it can be place directly onto the fire. Both your canteen and the cup included can be used to boil water. Make a campfire and support the filled canteen cup with rocks or sticks and allow water to boil.

It will take about 1-3 minutes to boil the water and completely depends on the temperature surrounding. This features especially come to handy if you are in the area that fresh water available.

Best Goat Hoof Trimmers: Premier ExoTrim Serrated VS. ARS HP-140DX

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When it comes to trimming goat hoof, it is absolutely a tedious tank, take lots of your time and effort but needs to be done. You even will want to pay someone to do this job.

But it is not always possible to find someone or if you do not trust anyone, then buying the best goat hoof trimmers can make your work of trimming become easier than you’ve thought.

The goat hoofs need care and done regularly. To help you get the right tools of trimming, this is the comparison between two best hoof trimmers: Premier ExoTrim Serrated Hoof Trimmer VS. ARS HP-140DX Multi-Purpose Shears.

#1 Blade

It is obvious that the blade is the main feature of the hoof trimmers for goats. The blade will determine how efficient the trimming process is. When considering the blade, ensure that it is sharpness, harness, good edge holder, and rust-free.

ExoTrim trimmer is considered one of the most powerful trimmers available. It comes with the serrated blade, which is made of Japanese carbon steel and won’t be gest rust even after a long time if using.

This trimmer measure 8,5 inches in length with 2 inches serrated blade. One blade is serrated while the other is smooth.

The serrated blade will grip onto the hard hooves; this will prevent the blade slip and ensure the safety for you and your goat. Moreover, this trimmer also provides slight round tips that can be used for removes manure and gunk from the hoof easily.

ARS HP-140DX includes the two straight blades made from high carbon steel. This material will ensure the blades are very sharp, holds an edge and easy to resharpen.  Moreover, these blades are even chrome-plated, which make them rust-free, corrosion and durable over time.

#2 Handle

The firm hold handle will not only aid in the precision trimming, but it also ensures safety during the trimming process. If you get the handle that easy to slip, it is absolutely possible that you might cause injury to either yourself or the goat.

The trimmer with easy-to-slip handle also cannot bring effective results. You are recommended to get the trimmer with a good metal handle with an ergonomic cover in order to avoid slipping.

The drawback of ExoTrim is that it has the plastic handle. It is quite smooth and not really good to grip especially when it is wet.

The handle of ARS HP-14DX is made from metal, which has a comfortable cover. This provides a firm grip that makes the cutting process easier and faster.

Tips for using the best substrate for bearded dragon


Bearded dragons are one of the easiest reptiles to keep since they spend most of their life in their cage.  Choosing the right substrates will deeply affect the health and enrichment of your bearded dragons. Due to this, it is essential to find the best substrate for bearded dragon.

With many options of substrates on the marketplace, it is not a difficult task to buy one for your pet. But out of ignorance about substrate can make you choose wrong and get the risk of impaction, disease and some other problem for your bearded dragon.

Things you should consider when buying bedding for bearded dragons

The first thing you should decide is what types of bedding you want to choose, it is loose or a carpet. To get closely to bearded dragons’ natural habitat, the loose substrate may be the best substrates bedding bearded dragons, this also allows your beardie to make he burrows on its. But there are some potential hazards when using the loose substrate, it is not recommended to use for baby bearded dragons.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the safety of substrates. Ensure that you choose the substrate made from natural materials and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

You will need to clean the substrates at least once a week or more depending on what types of substrates you used. Choosing the one that easy to clean and remove.

Humidity and odor control are also important factors. Using the substrates that can help you to manage humidity levels in your cage and odor control by enzymes. That is the best bearded dragon substrate.

Some advice to choose the best-bearded dragons substrate

Dig and burrow holes are the natural behaviors of bearded dragons. In order to give them good conditions to do that, you should choose substrates such as bark, mulch, particle substrates. However, there is a danger that your bearded dragons can eat them, so you must be vigilant and place food in a bowl to avoid that.

Sands are commonly loose substrate for bearded dragons. But it can cause the risk of intestinal compaction if your pet accidentally eaten. Instead of that, you can buy the sands that designed for your beardie can ingest. So they won’t cause any problems for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Incubator

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Hatching your own eggs may not an easy task especially for the beginner but it is can be one of the most rewarding experiences. If you are looking for the best incubator for your eggs, this post bellow will help you go about halfway success.

If you choosing the wrong incubator, your eggs will not be kept in the proper temperature and humidity and cannot grow up and hatch successfully. There are some basic things you need to know before buying the best incubator.

What is the best incubator that you should choose?

Although digital automatic incubator may seem more expensive than the other types of the incubator, my advice to you is that you should purchase on the automatic versions.

Automatic devices are expensive but it will save your money in the long term of using than manual devices.

The best automatic egg incubator will allow you to easily monitor and control humidity and temperature inside the incubator. It is better if the incubator comes with powerful temperature control.

One more feature that the best incubator should get is an alarm feature that can alert you when the temperature and humidity are out of the safety range that you set up before.

Will all the incubators turn the eggs?

There are some products of the incubator that will offer the automatic turning egg feature.

However, if your incubator cannot turn the eggs automatically, you will need to manually turn your eggs for at least 3 times per day of purchase on the external egg turner.

How much does incubator cost?

You can get the best egg incubator with the cost from $100 to $600. The cost also depends on the dimension of the incubator. If you are planning lots of eggs, you will need to purchase on larger devices and it will make you more money.

The prices also increase depending on the quality and features of the devices. A high-quality incubator comes from a reliable brand usually more expensive.